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Course Name: Fees: Fees Details:
Crash course inHotel Management(3 months) Rs.35,000 Admission Fees:25000/- + 1PDC @ Rs. 10,000)
Crash course inHotel Management and Applied Nutrition(6 months) Rs.54,000 Admission Fees:25000/- + 3PDC @ Rs. 9,666)
Certificate course inHotel Management and Applied Nutrition(1 year) Rs.65,000 Admission Fees:25000/- + 4PDC @ Rs. 10,000)
Library Fees : Rs. 250/- PM,Internet Patlor Membership Rs. 50/-
Prospectus Charge : Rs. 300/-
Admission Session : 4 Times a Year     January|April|July|October|